Privacy Agreement

You are welcome to use the services provided by JoinCheer Digital Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. We strictly abide by laws and regulations and follow the privacy protection principles to formulate this Privacy Policy, hoping to provide you with a safer and reliable services. In this Privacy Policy, we will explain how we collect and use information about you and your users. The Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service are inseparable. To protect the rights of you and your users, please read the full terms of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to fully understand the meaning of both terms. Follow the prompts on the page to complete the login authorization process. After completing the login, you will receive the relevant services provided by JoinCheer Digital Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. If you click the "Login as XX" button during the authorization login process and follow the instructions to proceed to the next step, you are fully accepting all the contents of the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, and on an informed basis, you expressly agreed that JoinCheer Digital Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. will process, use and disclose the information of you and your accounts in accordance with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. If you do not accept any contents of the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, or do not accurately understand JoinChat's interpretation of the Terms, please do not install, use, register or use any other methods to access our services, otherwise, you have accepted the terms and conditions described below and agree to be bound by this Agreement. At that time, you should not claim that this Agreement is invalid or request to revoke this Agreement without reading the contents of this Agreement or obtaining the answer to your inquiry by JoinChat. This policy applies to our websites, SDKs, plug-ins, components, tools, and products and services that are constantly innovating and developing, but not for those that are displayed, linked to, or repackaged by our third party’s service. While third parties display, link to, or repackage our services, we do not understand or control their actions and are therefore not responsible for their actions. Do not access or use their services until you have reviewed and accepted their privacy policy. If you allow us to share information with the third parties mentioned above, you are both bound by our third party’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 1. How We Collect Information: We strictly abide by the laws, regulations and the agreement with the users to collect information as follows. 1.1 Passing the Authorization and Use Process: As stated in the Terms of Service, you agree to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service, and you must provide us with your personal information when you log in to our service platform (Including but not limited to email, contact information, account information, etc., ) so that we can contact you to provide you with better service. Our system automatically stores your information. It is recommended that you keep your account and do not transfer or lend your account or password to others. If you find that your account has been illegally used by someone else, and/or your account has been stolen or lost, we encourage you to notify us immediately. You will be responsible for the consequences caused by hacking, negligence of your account and the illegal use of your account and password. 1.2 JoinChat provides services for people who need Facebook Messenger chatbot in various industries. JJoinChat's services are not limited to: free services such as sending and receiving messages, broadcast grouping, statistical analysis, social sharing, message push, etc., and help industry operators build excellent Faceboook chat bots to drive business growth. The information we get through JoinChat includes the following but is not limited to: Facebook user ID, name, email, help clients manage the home page, manage and access the home page conversation in Messenger, and after the first user interaction, send messages from your managed homepage at any time, and provide services that can check your homepage applications and performance analysis. 1.3 Industry Report Analysis Services: We will build a JoinChat database based on data collected by analytics data of our services and data obtained through other legal channels, and make performance reports or behavioral patterns reports applicable to publishers, industries, and markets (collectively referred to as "Industry Report"). Industry reports will be presented in an unrecognizable aggregated form, both self-published by JoinChat Big Data and reports customized to your needs. In special cases, we will also evaluate the results of one or a certain type of application based on the statistical model of JoinChat. The results may be derived from the data obtained from your application and thus match your application. These evaluation results are calculated based on the data model for evaluation purposes and are aggregated and anonymous. 1.4 Third-party Commercial Cooperation Services: We will cooperate with third parties to use the processed data of JoinChat Big Data in various forms for commercial purposes, including but not limited to: the cooperation with advertisers, ad networks or other advertising operations, and using data for advertising and marketing services. The data we share with third parties does not contain any personal privacy or identifiable content. 2. How We Use the Information 2.1 We use the collected information to maintain and improve our products or services, and to develop new products and services so that we can provide you and your users with personalized services, such as showing more relevant search results or promotion results to you and your users. 2.2 We use the collected information to provide you with a more in-depth analysis of user behavior, showing you the collected data to help you better analyze user behavior and improve product and service quality. 2.3 We may conduct a statistical analysis of the information collected. At the same time, we may share these statistics with the public to show the overall usage trends of our services. These statistics do not contain any identifying information about you and your users. 2.4 We may categorize your users by integrating and analyzing the collected information, and based on the above classification results, we or other third parties will promote more relevant information to your users. 2.5 We may use personal information collected in the following situations: (1) obtaining the authorization of the relevant information subject in advance; (2) using the sharing function by the relevant information subject; (3) improving our services; (4) sending technical notices, confirmations, support and administrative information about our services; Introduce the products and services of us and our partners to service users; (5) comply with the requirements of laws, regulations, legal procedures or mandatory requirements of government authorities; (6) for academic research or public interest; (7) To protect our legitimate rights and interests, such as finding, preventing, dealing with fraud or security issues, etc.; (8) Other circumstances in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service. 2.6 Except as otherwise provided in this policy, we will not disclose personal information collected through us to third parties (other than affiliates) in violation of this policy without your consent. However, the following conditions are not subject to this limitation: (1) to comply with applicable laws, court decisions, rulings or other legal procedures; (2) to comply with the requirements of relevant government agencies or statutory authorized organizations; (3) provide access to your information for our third-party vendors, consultants and other service providers to provide their services (4) To meet the legal requirements or legal procedures proposed by the judicial authorities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; (5) to protect our customers, our company, our associations and public interests and to implement relevant service agreements and other legitimately necessary uses; (6) We need to protect the rights and property of our company, our agents, customers, and users, including the implementation of our agreements, policies and terms of use; (7) We are or intend to carry out major changes such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and sale of all or part of the shares and/or assets, which need us to cooperate with the reviewal process of the intermediary agencies, including but not limited to their due diligence process; (8) With the continuous development of our business, we will inform you of the relevant situation by means of push notifications, announcements, etc., when transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers, etc. result in sharing your personal information with third parties. According to laws and regulations, we will ask or require new administrators to continue to protect your personal information no less than the standards required by this policy. (9) We will use the information we collect for big data analysis. We may disclose information or disclose information to third parties that is not subject to identification, and third parties cannot directly identify you or your users. 2.7 Any complaint or liability investigation that may arise because of personalized reporting and statistics of your specific request is at your own risk. 2.8 We will also cooperate with third parties to use the processed data from JoinCheer Digital Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. platform for commercial purposes in various forms, including but not limited to: the cooperation with advertisers, ad networks to use data for ad serving and marketing services. The data we share with third parties does not contain any personal privacy or identifiable content. 3. Information We may Send to You 3.1 Push Notifications: When you use our services, we may send you emails, text messages, news or push notifications. 3.2 Service-Related Announcements: We may issue service-related announcements to you when necessary (for example, when a service is suspended due to system maintenance). 4. Information Security: We provide appropriate security for your information to prevent loss, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure. 4.1 We strictly abide by laws and regulations to protect users' communication information. 4.2 We will use various security measures at a reasonable level of security to ensure the security of information. For example, we use encryption, anonymization, and other means to protect your personal information. 4.3 We establish specialized management systems, processes and organizations to ensure personal information security. For example, we strictly monitor and limit who can access personal information, requiring them to comply with confidentiality obligations. 4.4 In the event of a security incident such as personal information disclosure, we will initiate an emergency plan to prevent the expansion of security incidents and inform you by means of push notifications, announcements, etc. 5. Your Notification to Your Users and the Fiduciary Duty to use Our Services: When you develop and provide the application (whether paid or not) to your users, you should disclose at least the following to your users and obtain clear consent from your users: “The terms of the license agreement or the service or privacy agreement of any software signed, promised or endorsed by your company when developing the application constraints on users who use this application. This is an integral part of the applications’ user’s agreement.” It is the necessary terms of your users while using your applications. We have no control over how you use data that belongs to your users, and we are not responsible for it, although we expect you to use it in a legal and honest manner. Your users should review your policies to understand how you use the data, and we will not be liable for any loss to your users as a result of any of your actions. By integrating our JoinChat or similar software into your application, you are accepting this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service and agree that you have agreed and assured us that you have disclosed the contents of the above documents and have disclosed this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to your users in an appropriate manner to ensure that your users are aware of and consent to our collection and use of users’ information when using our integrated JoinChat application. To this end, you further warrant that your users will not make any form of appeals, petitions, complaints, etc. to us because of our information collection, use, and disclosure of information in accordance with this policy. If your users are affected and form a petition, appeal or complaint due to the collection, use and disclosure of information under this policy, you will be responsible for the full resolution; if it causes us any loss, you will be responsible for giving us full compensation. 6. Protection of Information of Minors: We have strict policies when it comes to the protection of information about minors. If you are a minor under the age of 18, before using our products and / or services, you are advised to ask your parent or legal guardian to read this policy carefully and use our services and provide your information with the consent of your guardian. If you are a guardian of a minor, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the personal information of the minor. 7. Non-Disclosure Agreement: We welcome you to sign a special “Non-Disclosure Agreement” with us to clarify our rights and obligations. If we breach the agreement to disclose confidential information to a third party, you have the right to claim compensation of your losses caused to us by legal means. 8. Dispute Resolution: You should be clear and inform the relevant parties if any disputes arise. If you and your users have any objections to our collection and use of information, you should immediately notify us in writing, we will try to contact you directly to resolve any complaints related to information collection and usage. The interpretation, validity, changes and resolution of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If there is any dispute between you and us, the two sides should first work hard to resolve it through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, JoinChat and you agree to submit the dispute to the court of competent jurisdiction of JoinCheer Digital Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. for settlement. In addition to other agreements, the contact details listed in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service at the time of registration are the only means of communication. The documents sent through these means have the legal effect. 9. Changes: We may sometimes modify this policy. If such changes result in a substantial derogation of your rights under this Policy, we will notify you by prompting you at your main homepage, and by sending you an email, etc., before the change takes effect. In such a case, if you continue to use our services, you agree to be bound by the revised policy.


欢迎您使用久其数字技术(天津)有限公司提供的服务,我们严格遵守法律法规,遵循隐私保护原则制订本《隐私政策》,希望能为您提供更加安全、可靠的服务。在本《隐私政策》中,我们将解释我们如何搜集、使用您及您用户的信息。《隐私政策》与《服务条款》为不可分割的一个整体,为保护您及您用户的权益,请详细阅读本《隐私政策》与《服务条款》的全部条款,并在充分理解其含义的前提下,按照页面上的提示完成登陆授权程序,完成登陆后您将获得久其数字技术(天津)有限公司所提供的相关服务。 如果您在登陆过程中点击“以XX身份登陆”按钮,并按引导进行下一步至完成,即表示已阅读并完全接受本《服务条款》及《隐私政策》的所有条款,知情并明确同意久其数字技术(天津)有限公司按本《服务条款》及《隐私政策》的规定处理、使用和披露您及您用户的信息。如果您不接受本《服务条款》及《隐私政策》的全部或部分条款,或者无法充分理解本《服务条款》及《隐私政策》的全部或部分条款的含义,请勿安装、使用或以其他方式访问我们的服务。否则,表示您已接受了本《服务条款》及《隐私政策》,同意接受上述协议的约束,届时您将不能以未阅读本协议的内容或者未获得久其数字技术(天津)有限公司对您问询的解答等理由主张本协议无效,或要求撤销本协议。 本政策适用于我们提供的网站、SDK、插件、组件、工具以及不断创新研发的产品及服务,但不适用于展示在、链接到或再封装我们服务的那些由第三方提供采用别的隐私政策的服务。虽然第三方展示、链接到或再封装我们的服务,但我们并不了解或控制他们的行为,因此也不为他们的行为负责。在您已经查看并接受他们的隐私政策之前,不要访问或使用他们的服务。若您允许我们与上述之第三方共享信息,则同时需受我们与第三方服务条款和隐私权政策的约束。 1、如何搜集信息 我们严格遵守法律法规的规定及与用户的约定按照如下方式收集信息。 1.1通过授权及使用过程 如《服务条款》中所述,在您同意本《隐私政策》及《服务条款》的前提下,在您登陆授权时须准确完整地向我们提供您的个人信息(包括但不限于电子邮箱、联系方式、帐户信息等),以便我们与您联系,向您提供更好的服务。我们的系统自动存储您的信息。建议您务必保管好您的账号,不要将您的帐号、密码转让或出借予他人使用。如您发现您的帐号遭他人非法使用、账号遭窃、遗失的情况,建议您立即通知我们。因黑客行为或您保管疏忽导致帐号、密码遭他人非法使用而引发的不良后果,将由您自行承担。 1.2 通过JoinChat为各行业对Facebook Messenger聊天机器人有需求的人提供服务 JoinChat不限于:收发消息、广播群发、统计分析、社交分享、消息推送等免费服务,帮助各行业运营人员构建优秀的Faceboook聊天机器人,推动业务增长。通过JoinChat我们获取的信息包括但不限于:facebook用户id、name、 email, 帮助用户管理主页,在Messenger中管理和访问主页对话,第一次用户互动后,随时从你管理的主页发消息、查看主页应用和成效分析。 1.3通过行业报告分析服务 我们将基于分析服务所收集的数据,以及通过其他合法渠道获得的数据建立JoinChat数据库,做出应用在发行商、行业内、特定区域和市场方面的绩效评估或行为模式分析报告(统称“行业报告”)。行业报告将以不可识别的聚合形式表现,既包括由JoinChat大数据自主发布的,也包括根据您的需求定制形成的。特别的情况下,我们也会根据JoinChat的统计模型做出某种或某类应用的评估结果,该评估结果可能会源于从您的应用中得到的数据因而与您的应用呈现出一定的吻合性,这些评估结果是我们基于数据模型计算得出,用于评估目的的,并且是聚合性和匿名的。 1.4通过第三方商业合作服务 我们会与第三方合作以多种形式将JoinChat大数据经过处理、加工后的数据用于商业目的,这些合作包括但不限于:与广告主、广告联盟或者其他广告经营者的合作,将数据用于广告投放和营销服务。我们与第三方分享的数据不含有任何个人的隐私性或可识别性的内容。 2、如何使用信息 2.1 我们使用收集来的信息以维护、改进我们的产品或服务,并用于开发新的产品和服务,以便我们为您及您的用户提供个性化的服务,例如向您及您的用户展现相关程度更高的搜索结果或者推广结果。 2.2 我们使用收集来的信息为您提供更加深入的用户行为分析,向您展示这些收集到的数据以帮助您更好地分析用户行为,提高产品及服务质量。 2.3 我们可能会对收集到的信息情况进行统计分析。同时,我们可能会与公众分享这些统计信息,以展示我们服务的整体使用趋势。这些统计信息不包含您及您用户的任何身份识别信息。 2.4 我们可能会通过对收集到的信息进行整合、分析,对您的用户进行标签化分类,并基于上述分类结果,由我们或其他第三方向您的用户推广与其关联程度较高的相关信息。 2.5 在如下情况下,我们可能会使用收集到的个人信息:(1)事先获得相关信息主体的授权;(2)相关信息主体使用共享功能;(3)改善我们的服务;(4)发送关于我们的服务的技术通知、确认、支持和行政信息等;(5)向服务使用者介绍我们和我们的合作伙伴的产品和服务;(6)根据法律、法规、法律程序的要求或政府主管部门的强制性要求;(7)以学术研究或公共利益为目的;(8)为维护我们的合法权益,例如查找、预防、处理欺诈或安全方面的问题等;(9)符合本《隐私政策》及《服务条款》规定的其他情形。 2.6 除非本政策另有规定,未经您的同意,我们不会违反本政策向第三方(关联方除外)透露通过我们收集的个人信息。但下列情况均不受此限: (1)为遵守适用的法律、法院判决、裁定或其他法律程序的规定;(2)为遵守相关政府机关或法定授权组织的要求;(3)为我们工作的第三方供应商、顾问和其他服务供应商需要访问您的信息以提供他们的服务;(4)用于满足司法机关依据相关法律法规提出的合法要求或法定程序的需要;(5)为执行相关服务协议或本政策、维护社会公共利益,为保护我们的客户、我们或我们的关联公司、其他用户或雇员、客户的人身财产安全或其他合法权益所合理必需的用途;(6)我们需要保护我们、我们的代理人、客户、用户和其他人的权益和财产,包括执行我们的协议、政策和使用条款;(7)我们正在或拟进行企业并购、重组、出售全部或部分股份和/或资产等重大变化,需要配合中介机构的审查活动,包括但不限于其尽职调查过程;(8)随着我们业务的持续发展,当发生合并、收购、资产转让等交易导致向第三方分享您的个人信息时,我们将通过推送通知、公告等形式告知您相关情形,按照法律法规及不低于本政策所要求的标准继续保护或要求新的管理者继续保护您的个人信息。(9)我们会将所收集到的信息用于大数据分析。我们可能对外公开或向第三方分享经统计加工后不含身份识别内容的信息,第三方无法直接识别您或您用户的身份。 2.7 针对您的特定数据的报告和统计如果涉及第三方任何信息或者特征而可能引起的任何投诉或者责任追究均由您自行承担。 2.8 我们也会与第三方合作以多种形式将久其数字技术(天津)有限公司平台中经过处理、加工后的数据用于商业目的,这些合作包括但不限于:与广告主、广告联盟或者其他广告经营者的合作,将数据用于广告投放和营销服务。我们与第三方分享的数据不含有任何个人的隐私性或可识别性的内容。 3、我们可能向您发送的信息 3.1信息推送 您在使用我们的服务时,我们可能向您发送电子邮件、短信、资讯或推送通知。 3.2与服务有关的公告 我们可能在必要时(例如,因系统维护而暂停某一项服务时)向您发出与服务有关的公告。 4、信息安全 我们为您的信息提供相应的安全保障,以防止信息的丢失、不当使用、未经授权访问或披露。 4.1我们严格遵守法律法规保护用户的通信秘密。 4.2我们将在合理的安全水平内使用各种安全保护措施以保障信息的安全。例如,我们使用加密技术、匿名化处理等手段来保护您的个人信息。 4.3我们建立专门的管理制度、流程和组织确保信息安全。例如,我们严格限制访问信息的人员范围,要求他们遵守保密义务,并进行审查。 4.4若发生个人信息泄露等安全事件,我们会启动应急预案,阻止安全事件扩大,并以推送通知、公告等形式告知您。 5、您对用户的告知及诚信义务 为使用我们的服务,您在开发并向您的用户提供(无论是否有偿)应用程序时,应当向您的用户至少披露以下内容且取得您用户的明确同意:“本公司开发本应用程序时所对外签署或承诺、认可的任何软件的许可协议条款或服务或隐私协议均对本应用程序的用户产生约束,上述许可协议条款或服务。隐私协议均为本应用程序用户协议不可分割的一部分。”以作为您的用户使用您开发的应用程序的必要条款。虽然我们做出如此要求,但我们无法控制您如何使用属于或关于您的用户的数据,我们也不应为此负责,尽管我们期待您以合法且诚信的方式使用这些数据。您的用户应该审查您的政策,从而了解您如何使用这些数据,如果由于您任何行为导致您的用户遭受任何损失,由您独自承担,我们不承担任何责任。 您在把我们的JoinChat或类似软件集成到您的应用程序中,就意味着您接受本《隐私政策》及《服务条款》,并承诺您已经同意并向我们保证您通过披露上述文件内容,且以适当方式向您的用户披露了本《隐私政策》及《服务条款》,以确保您的用户在使用您开发的集成了我们的JoinChat应用程序时,已经知悉并明确同意我们搜集及使用用户信息的方式及规则,并且遵守本《隐私政策》及《服务条款》的全部规定。为此,您在此进一步保证,您的最终用户不会因为我们按照本政策的规定收集、使用、披露对其的信息而对我们产生任何形式的诉求、诉请、投诉等。如果,您的用户因本政策项下的对其的信息的收集、使用、披露而致使我们遭受任何形式的诉请、诉求以及投诉等,您将负责全面给予解决;如果导致我们发生任何形式的损失,您将负责给予我们全额的赔偿。 6、未成年人信息保护 我们非常重视对未成年人信息的保护。若您是18周岁以下的未成年人,在使用我们的产品和/或服务前,建议您事先请您的家长或法定监护人仔细阅读本政策,在征得您的监护人同意的前提下使用我们的服务或向我们提供信息。若您是未成年人的监护人,当您对您所监护的未成年人的个人信息有相关疑问时,请及时与我们联系。 7、保密协议 我们欢迎您跟我们签署专门的《保密协议》,以明确我们的权利及义务,如我们违反协议将保密信息透露给第三方,对您造成的直接损失,您有权通过法律途径要求索赔。 8、争议解决 您应当明确并告知相关方,如果您及您的用户对于我们搜集、使用信息有任何的异议,应当第一时间以书面形式通知我们,我们会尝试与您直接联系解决任何关于信息收集、使用的投诉。本《隐私政策》及《服务条款》的解释、效力、变更及纠纷的解决均适用中华人民共和国法律,我们依照本《隐私政策》及《服务条款》为您提供服务过程如产生纠纷,双方应尽量友好协商解决,如协商未能达成一致,任何一方均可向我方住所地法院提起诉讼。除另行约定外,本《隐私政策》及《服务条款》所列明的联系方式及您注册时的联系方式为我们双方进行沟通交流的唯一联系方式,通过此等方式发送的文件具有法律效力。 9、变更 我们可能适时修订本政策内容。如该等变更会导致您在本政策项下权利的实质减损,我们将在变更生效前,通过在页面显著位置提示、向您发送电子邮件等方式通知您。在该种情况下,若您继续使用我们的服务,即表示同意受经修订的政策约束。